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January 20-27 2019



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Adventure to Havana

The Adventure to Havana has been created with the intention of getting a great bunch of people together to enjoy a fantastic week in sunny Havana this January. The week will be about relaxing, enjoying the culture, music, architecture, drinks and cigars! There is a daily itinerary but everything is optional and flexible. The Guide, Andrew Bray, has been to Havana over 40 times and has been leading groups in Havana since 2009.

The Adventure is an insiders trip to a fascinating international destination. Andrew knows great restaurants, musical venues and patios to have a cigar and enjoy life. 

Sunday January 20
Departing Pearson International in Toronto or Ottawa International to Varadero Cuba, Transfer to Hotel check in. 

Monday January 21 – Saturday January 26

The following includes many of the options on the trip. The daily plan may change depending on how the adventure unfolds. Of course you are always free to break away from the group to create stories of ddventure you tell when you rejoin the group! 

Lay of Land – Old Havana Plaza Patio Tour
We will visit all 5 of the Old Havana Plaza’s and stop for a beverage at each as we tour the old city on foot.

Night out of Traditional Cuban music at La Liuvia de Oro on Calle Obispo Cigar & Rum Outing

Visit local cigar connection for cigars for smoking/sampling in Havana.

Visit official cigar stores. & Pick up matched “Anejo” rum for sipping.

Local old fashioned prerevolutionary bar for cigar & rum

Night out to Fabrica de Arte Cubano (Gallery/Club)

Marcado de Artesina (Art/Souvenir market)

Beverages at waterfront brewpub. Walk along harbor.

Night Out to Malecon (Sea Wall) Bring rum & cigars as we socialize with locals.

Rum Museum & sampling or Dos Hermanos Historical Bar

Rum Sampling at Casa (Refino to Anjeo with different local & international brands)

Night out to Casa de Musica – Best Venue in Havana for traditional Salsa.

Ferry to Casablanca visit best view of Old Havana & Historical Eastern Forts & Military Museum with missile mock-ups & Soviet MIG fighter jet

Optional night at Historical Tropicana Nightclub

Night out to Jazz Club La Zorra Y El Cuervo & Walk along La Rampa

Walk along Malecon to Hotel National for Cigar & Mojito in their Garden. Churchill, Sinatra & JFK all stayed here.

Night out to Café Paris for Cuban Music

Museum of the Revolution. Includes the yacht that Fidel, Che & the other revolutionaries invaded Cuba in & pieces of the US U2 plane shot down by Fidel.

Night out to Jazz Cafe

Art Museums (Both Classic and Modern)

Buy Cigars from Cuban friend & Rooftop Cigar Party with Cigar Roller

Sunday January 20

Poolside Drinks for last day

Departing Hotel via transfer to come home to Canada!