Architect Hair Design Adventure to Havana January 2018

Please call 905 522 0301 or email for more details.

Please book through Caesar Tam at Ranali Travel 905 547 1324 link

January 7-14 Approx $1099 Canadian (Includes airfare/accommodations & Guide. pp/dbl) Price subject to change based on market conditions. Toronto Departure. Facebook Event

Please call 905 522 0301 or email for more details.

Everything is an adventure in Havana. Taking a stroll greets you with dynamic energy. You never know what is around the next corner.

This includes flight, accommodation and the services of Andrew from Energy Awaken who will be your guide and provide extra outings as requested.  Please budget an additional $50 CUC’s ($60 CAN) per day for meals, transportation and incidentals. This tourism video has excellent images of the beautiful architecture and scenery of Havana.

Accommodations are basic but pleasant and right within Old Havana in the vicinity of Plaza del Cristo

Things to bring

  • All potentially needed medications.
  • Any toiletries (kleenex packs, calamine, antihistamine, SPF lip balm,  diarrhea medicine recommended)
  • Comfortable clothes (consider bringing clothes to leave)
  • Evening clothes. We may go to a concert or a ballet. Dress as you would here for an evening outing.
  • Very comfortable walking shoes or sandals (we will be doing a lot of walking)
  • Flip flops for beach
  • Hat (That won’t blow away in a breeze)
  • Bathing suits
  • Cell phone (very expensive to use but good for emergencies. I will carry mine) Ensure data is OFF.
  •      Bell/Virgin – $3.50 minute/.75 txt sent (packages available)
  •      Rogers – $2.50 minute/.75 txt sent
  • Sun glasses
  • 220 Power adapters (available at dollar import stores) (may or may not need)
  • Gifts to bring. Clothes can be donated to church.  Candies for kids – don’t get mobbed ?
  • Flashlight
  • Beach towel

Things to know

  • Cuba is one of the safest places in North America. That being said use common sense.
  • The most dangerous thing is being a pedestrian in Cuba. Cars have the right of way!  If you get hit, it will be your fault for being in front of a car.
  • Watch your footing. There are not the same safety standards.  You can find a man hole cover removed next to a side walk.
  • Be discreet when taking money out of wallets and do not wear expensive looking jewelry.
  • Potential scams. There are professional scam artists in tourist areas.
  • I keeps pens/candies on me.
  • Always check your bill. Many restaurants will short change you.
  • There are no toilette seats in Havana except in tourist hotels. You tip bathroom attendants change.
  • Change money at banks/airport and hotel (premium) Credit card with pin works in machines.  Always need passport for any financial transaction not in cash.  Budget $50.00 CUC per day for meals/transportation/incidentals There are 2 currencies. Local pesos and CUC (kook) or Convertibles. 1 CUC =0.80 CDN (2017)
  • There is no shopping in Cuba except for crafts, coffee, cigars, & rum.  (I can make recommendations)
  • Comply with luggage allowance on tickets. These guys are looking to make extra $.
  • Bottled water is available and recommended.
  • Ensure you have medical insurance. CAA/Blue Cross sell it online.